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Welcome to The Alliance Community

The Alliance is a Lord of the Rings Online (LotRO) based gaming community that is looking to grow our community with other MMO games. The community has been ever growing since 2011 and maintains an active member list of around 325 players. We are a small presence currently in Star Trek Online, and looking to grow and expand into the various aspects of the game. We are laid back, adult community and allow our membership to manage their own gaming time as they choose. This is not saying we will not have events or group opportunities for the members, it is simply saying nothing will be "mandatory".

We have our own Discord server that members of the fleet may use at their own leisure (it may be required for group play, based on the determination of the group leader). We ask that all members of our fleet read through and follow our community rules at all times, both when dealing within the fleet itself, and with dealing with the general server community.
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